Entertainment Artists Give New Power To University Mascots

When you think of Marvel, DC Comics, Universal Studios and Disney, also think of Ree Stickers from MyWeb GP, LLC. Starting in 2016 MyWeb GP, LLC began gathering artistic talent that powered the top entertainment brands to give new energy to university mascots.

With the new Ree Stickers app, mascots are turned into emoji/stickers that give sport fans and students a way to communicate with their phone like never before. Fans can add their favorite school mascot to texts, messages and other social media venues as they chat about sports, upcoming events and life. That same dynamic mascot artwork is now available for licensing to energize more products for fans.

"The extraordinary level of art puts Ree Stickers in a category by itself."
Marc Donabella, Trademark & Licensing Director, Syracuse University.

The Ree Stickers mascot art from MyWeb GP, LLC can create new opportunities with branding and licensing for your organization. Click here to see their expanding portfolio of mascot art and learn more.